5 Best Countries for Dental Tourism in Europe

If in your country dental or medical treatments are too expensive and you are worried about not being able to afford them, we will give you an option that may solve your problem: European Dental Tourism.

Do you know how many people have improved their lives just by taking a small step out of their country? Every year the number of people who choose to go to different places to obtain dental treatments with higher quality, faster recovery and at incredibly affordable prices is increasing.

Europe is one of the territories that has more countries specialized in dentistry, so today we will give you the five best options to choose from if you are thinking of giving Dental Tourism a try and venture into an adventure that will not only bring you health, but also fun. Let’s start!

Countries with the best Dental Tourism

●     Number One: Albania

Albania is the destination par excellence for people who decide to have any kind of oral intervention. Unlike the other countries in this top, in Albania we can highlight that there is not a specific area where there are more specialists, in general we can find the best quality in Europe in this country.

Dental tourism in Albania is so common that dentists have already included among their services the offer of packages for tourists who decide to have treatments in their dental clinics. And you can ask for a quote through their website from another country in the world, and don’t worry about the language, most of the professionals have a perfect use of English and some even know other languages.

There is nothing to stop you from visiting Albania: the airfare is extremely cheap, the accommodation is extremely cheap, and the culture is very rich, so in addition to taking care of you, you will be able to enjoy a small vacation.

●     Number Two: Hungary

Hungary is the second perfect European destination for dental tourism, although it is much farther away for Americans and Asians looking for dental tourism. But despite this, it is very useful for people who have the possibilities as they are experts in orthodontic placement and teeth whitening.

They stand out for their mostly aesthetic treatments.

●     Number Three: Poland

It is estimated that if you come from Switzerland or Belgium, compared to the costs in your country, you can save up to 50% on invasive treatments in Poland. In addition, due to lack of work, most Poles have done their internships in foreign countries with higher quality professionals such as Albania, so they have some of the quality of these excellent doctors.

And it should be noted that tourism is an excellent thing to do in this country, as it is full of quite remarkable landscapes and delicious food to try.

●     Number Four: Czech Republic

Like Hungary, Czech Republic is one of the countries mostly chosen by Germans, Swiss and Austrians for its great cosmetic dental procedures among which we can highlight dental crowns, veneers, gum reduction surgery, and teeth whitening.

They have a price reduction of up to 30% compared to countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom, and include advanced technology in their procedures that allows procedures to be much faster and safer compared to other countries.

●     Number Five: Germany

This is ideal for people who do not have health insurance, as there are many affordable dental services in Germany that can estimate up to 60% savings for each person. German dentists are quite preferred by people close to the country on the borders as they are quite friendly even though getting an English speaking professional is a bit of a hassle.

They develop their skills in implants, esthetic and prosthetic dental care to provide patients with the latest techniques and methods. Only advanced technologies are applied in German dental clinics.

Is dental tourism safe?

We know that this is a common doubt among people who have ever thought of venturing to another country to get a treatment, and yes, we can tell you that at least Dental Tourism in Albania is quite safe, although in any country there will always be people posing as professionals, but with the tips we give within our blog you can get differentiate and stay safe while doing dental tourism.

If you have the possibility, opt for a dental clinic that offers you a dental tourism package that can help you not to have to search when you arrive in the country desperately for a place to stay near the area of your treatment and that you feel safe in the knowledge that they already know your context and will help you based on your specific needs, for example, they know what languages you speak and which one you prefer to communicate in.

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