Can You Make Your Own Duvet Cover?

Can you use a duvet cover as a sheet

To make your own duvet cover, you need to follow some steps. You’ll need a few things like extra white bedding fabric, some scissors, ruler and tape measures, all-purpose threads, a sewing machine, and some buttons. After that, you have to select and prepare the fabric. Different people prefer different types of fabrics for their bedding; you can choose one according to your own will.

Next, you have to measure the duvet cover size. After measuring, the next step is, cutting the fabric. After doing this, you have to make the hem. The next step includes sewing the sides and the top that you have made. You have various options when you are choosing the buttons for your Duvet. Buying a printed duvet can reduce your work. We will discuss these steps in detail now.

Select and prepare the fabric

There are different types of fabrics available in the market. Some people prefer cotton, and some prefer Silk or percale. You have to choose one that is easily washable and durable. Your sleep also depends on the fabric of your bedsheet. If you are having difficulties finding a good quality fabric, then you can rely on the Bedding comfort store. They have some amazing printed duvetLet’s hop onto the next step


When it comes to bedding sizes, there are not many standards. Make any size cover that fits your needs. You have to measure your own Duvet by marking and cutting the front and back sides.

Cut off the fabric

Once you have the size of your Duvet, the next step is to know how you are going to cut up the fabric. While cutting, you should keep two things in your mind, the front and back sides. Trimming the circumference of the fabric will help you a lot. The edges are tight and shrink way differently than other parts of the fabric.

Make Hem

In this step, you have to turn the duvet cover. Pressing it with an iron will make your work easy. Turn the duvet cover inside out and press once more. If you want to hem the duvet cover opening, then fold a 1-inch width completely once again.

Sew the sides and top

French seams give a professional look; the reason behind this is that there are no chances of wear out on the inside of the duvet cover. You have to place two rectangles from the inside or the wrong side together. When you have folded the wrong sides, iron the seam. Stich the other three sides together again like this.

Add buttons

There are many types of buttons available in the market. Everyone has their own tastes; you can choose any buttons that you like. While sewing the sides and the tops, make sure to mark the place where you have to add buttons. Sew the buttons at that place and enjoy the results. By following these steps, you can make a perfect Duvet cover. Your family and friends will be shocked after seeing your hard work.


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