What Features To Look For In A Virtual Event Planner Service?

Virtual Event Planner

You can create a better virtual event with the help of the right features and functionalities. Futerhernore, you have to pick the right virtual event services to create a better and more successful event. Hence, here are the various elements that can be helpful in creating and developing a better virtual event for sure.

11 Features To Look For In A Virtual Event Planner Service!

11 Features and functionalities that can be helpful in looking for in a virtual event planner service are as follows:

  1. Top-Notch Customization

You can choose the virtual event solutions that can offer you a complete customization option for your event platform. Furthermore, you will be able to design and develop your own event. Hence, you can add DIY virtual booths at your event, making all your sponsors and partners available for the audiences to contact and connect with. You can choose the right color, text, tabs, banners, button shape, size, icon, etc., for your booth. Also, you can design your own lobby with animated nights and background melodies.

  1. Brilliant Branding

You will have sufficient space to showcase the various images, gifs, videos, teasers, trailers, and various other branding elements for your virtual event. The virtual event service providers will offer complete freedom to design and display various features on your event platform. Also, you can add various internal and external links to different touchpoints. It can help you divert the audience from one place to another.

  1. Enriching Engagement

You can add various features to make your event more engaging for global audiences. Furthermore, the virtual event platform solutions offer gamification that can make your event more engaging for the attendees as they can play AR/VR games throughout the event whenever they want. Also, users can use the clap and hoot sounds to encourage the audience and share their experiences. Additionally, your audience will get the emoticon reactions to respond and share the complete impression with the experts.

  1. Seamless User-Experience

You can create a better seamless experience for your audience. The best virtual event software offers easy navigation with 360 degrees and 3D effects. Moreover, your audience can watch the introduction video before entering the event platform. They will get complete guidance on how they can explore every part of the event and enjoy the event to the fullest.

  1. Dynamic Device Support

You can create better support for the audience with the right virtual show platform. Furthermore, you can use the right device and browser to make your audience convent to join the event. They must be able to click on your shared link and join the event with any browser. Also, they must be able to use any device to join their virtual event. For instance, they must join the event with a laptop, mobile, pc, iPad, and more.

  1. AR Photo Booth

You can integrate different backgrounds into your virtual event with the AR technology-based photo booth feature. Furthermore, the virtual trade show service delivers 100+ styles of background templates to audiences. Your attendees can take photos just like they have done in an in-person event. Hence, your attendees can create a gif using various selfies to share on various social media platforms.

  1. Engrossing Networking

You can create a better experience with the right virtual award show platform that offers you numerous networking opportunities. Furthermore, your audience can take advantage of connecting with anyone at the event with the right tools and features. Hence, you can get the networking tables to sit with 2 to 8 people and discuss a particular topic, AI matchmaking to suggest friends with similar interests, business card exchanger to share cards with anyone, and a B2B meeting scheduler to book an appointment in advance with anyone at the event. Additionally, you can integrate any third-party app or software into your virtual event platform to make it easier to interact with anyone at the event.

  1. Seamless Communication

You can create seamless interactivity with the Multi-Format Communication tools. Furthermore, you can interact 1:1 with anyone as well as you can create a Group to Chat with your friends throughout the event. Also, you can conduct some Live Polls and Q&A Sessions to clear all the audience doubts as well as make your event engaging for the participants. Additionally, you will get the Live Audio, Video conferencing & Video Call option to make the communication immersive in your event.

  1. Insightful Data & Analytics

You can get a detailed analytics report with the virtual event planners. They keep the insights of your event and make all the data available for the audience. Furthermore, you can know what your attendees did in the event, how they reached different parts of the event, how much time they spent on every part, and more. Hence, you will get detailed analytics that you can use to make smart decisions in your upcoming events.

  1. 24*7 Backend Support

You can get 24/7 customer support with the right virtual event experts. Furthermore, your audience can reach them with any tech problem and get a solution in real-time. They will help them ensure a seamless and immersive experience at your virtual events. Hence, you can reach the backend executives to get solutions for all your events’ technical issues. They will make sure that all your event problems are solved and that you get 100% satisfaction and ease.

  1. 100% Secure and Safe

You can get 100% safety and security with the right virtual event planner. Furthermore, they will protect your event from cyber threats, attacks, and malware. Hence, you do not have to worry about any of your brand and your audience’s data. They can keep everything safe.

So, these are the various features that you must look for in a virtual event planner service. Furthermore, you can achieve great success with the right features and functionalities included in your virtual event. The audience will love the interface as well as give a better experience.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in looking for the best virtual event planner and achieving great success without hassle.

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