How to Chase a Delayed UK Visa Application?

To enter the United Kingdom, non-EU citizens can apply for various visas initiated by the UK government. However, there is no the UK visa application process is lengthy and time-consuming. Apart from this, the wait time for deciding on any visa from the UKVI can be frustrating. It can be devastating if the wait time is extended more than usual or if there are delays. But do not worry because there are various steps that you can implement to chase a delayed UK visa application. Although if you find it challenging to track a delayed visa application, you can get help from an immigration solicitor in London. In this article, we have mentioned those steps that you can take to chase a delayed visa application.

Check out These Steps to Chase a Delayed UK Visa Application

  • See the Processing Time

To chase a delayed UK visa, the first step you can take is to look out the processing time of your UK visa application. It varies for every visa category, so it’s vital to keep an eye on the processing time. You can get this information from the UKVI’s website. Kindly keep in mind that if your processing time exceeds usual, delays can happen due to errors in your application. That is why it is essential to fill out the application form appropriately. In this regard, you can even take help from an immigration solicitor in London.

  • Contact the UKVI

It is essential to contact the United Kingdom visa and immigration department if you experience delays or any type of problem with your visa application. You can contact them by phone, email and post. They will ask for your application reference number and then provide you with further information about your visa application status. However, it is essential to be prepared for all the additional applications the UKVI may ask for.

  • Use the Priority Service

If you require your visa on a priority basis, you can take the priority service. The UKVI provides this essential service to speed up the time of UK visa application. However, this service is only available for some visa categories, so you may have to check whether your visa application falls into this category. Priority service enables your visa application to process quickly, and you can get a result from the UKVI in a minimum time. You will also have to pay a certain amount to take the priority service.

  • Take Political Help

Suppose your visa application is pending and getting delayed by the UKVI without providing any satisfactory reason. In that case, you can take help from any local political personality or a member of parliament. They can discuss your problems with the Home Office and may help expedite your application.

  • Take Help from Immigration Solicitor in London

If your UK visa application gets delayed after so many attempts, you must take legal help. You can take legal advice from any immigration solicitor in London. There are multiple immigration firms in London, such as A Y & J Solicitors. Their compelling team of immigration lawyers can make it easier for you. They can help you identify issues with your application and resolve them efficiently. They can help in filing a complaint to the Home Office regarding the delays.

  • Apply for Judicial Review

A judicial review can be the last option in chasing a delayed UK visa application. If you get exhausted after doing everything possible, applying for judicial review will be better. You must know that it’s a legal process where the court reviews the decision of UKVI on your visa application. However, judicial review can be a complicated and expensive process. That is why it’s better to take legal advice from an immigration solicitor in London to understand the entire process and then move further.

In conclusion, if you also experience delays with your UK visa application, it may frustrate you because of the time it takes. However, there are so many ways that can help you in chasing a delayed UK visa application. You can follow the steps mentioned above and get along with an experienced immigration lawyer. The most important thing that can help in proceeding with these steps is ultimate patience. You need to carefully analyse the situation first and then implement the required action. It can help you understand the way UKVI works. If your problem gets resolved just by contacting the UKVI, then you may not be required to take other steps. If you need to take additional steps, it will be better to get help from an immigration firm. They will provide you with essential legal advice and expedite the processing of your application. They can help you essentially in dealing with all the odds of the visa application process.


The United Kingdom offers multiple visa route to people who wants to enter the country to live and work. However, it is not that easy to make a UK visa application; it involves ample complexities that can confuse any ordinary person. The application process can also be time-consuming because it involves a lengthy documentation procedure. Sometimes while applying for a UK visa, you make several mistakes, which may delay your visa application from UKVI’s end. These delays can be because of your mistakes, and sometimes it can be because of the Home Office’s mistake. If you are true towards your application, you should wait for some time and then take essential steps such as mentioned following:

  • Analyse the processing time of the visa application.
  • Contact the United Kingdom Visa and immigration department.
  • Use the priority service to expedite your visa application.
  • Take help from a member of parliament.
  • Take legal advice from an immigration solicitor in the UK.
  • Apply for a judicial review.

All these are some of the crucial steps that can be taken in terms of expediting your visa application. It can help you in chasing your delayed visa application. In this way, you will be able to track your delayed UK visa application.

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