Identifying Factors Affecting Business Loans Interest Rate

Business Loans Interest Rate

This is no secret that interest rates on business loans differ from lender to lender. The interest rate of your loan tells you the amount you will pay during the entire duration of your loan. As a borrower, you would always want to get the loan at the lowest interest rate possible as this involves low EMIs and your monthly saving. Practically the business loans interest rate is determined by several factors. You should be aware of them before applying for a business loan. Some of the significant factors are discussed in this blog. Whether you apply for a loan for business in pune or somewhere else, these factors will stay the same. So, keep reading!

Regular cash flow

Your cash flow of business shows the movement of your cash in your business. It shows how much money is going and coming in regular intervals it indicates your income and expenses that incur at a certain period. It also shows the future potential of your business to attract profits. A regular cash flow is necessary to keep your business going on.

If a business has limited cash flow and struggles to run daily operations such a business is considered as a high-risk category that will not be able to repay the loan on time. Such a business will create a bad impression in the minds of the lender.

A lack of cash flow could lead to a business closing its operations. So, lenders often analyze bank statements to check your cash flow when you apply for a business loan. They do this to gauge whether your business can make the repayments. So, an active cash flow of your business would represent your business with minimum risk, and this would help you secure the loan at a lower interest rate.

Nature of your business and the industry

The business you are running and the industry from where you belong speak a lot about your future possibility of growth. Usually, lenders like to associate with businesses that have room for growth or expansion and are stable enough to accrue profits in the long run. Businesses such as seasonal operations, newly set up companies, or any declining sector business are considered riskier by the lenders and hence owners of these businesses will get loans with higher interest rates. so before investing or taking the decision you must know about risk management for the right step.

Credit behavior

Your credit score defines your trustworthiness as a borrower. Traditional financial organizations may decline your application if your credit score is low. Even if you qualify for a loan with an average credit score you will end up attracting a higher interest rate for your loan.

A healthy credit score will enable you to crack a loan with a lower interest rate and flexible terms and conditions. Therefore, some business owners wait for funds until they improve their credit scores to be able to get a loan with comfortable interest rates.  However, improving your credit score takes time and it is not possible to wait for long as you may have emergency funds requirements.


Financial organizations would often ask you to provide a guarantee of the business loan you will be getting from them. It could be in the form of an immovable asset you have in your possession such as a house or land or any equipment which is equal value to the loan amount. If you fail to pay your monthly installments, your lender will have every right to seize your asset to recover the loan amounts.

If you provide a guarantee to your loan, you will project yourself as a less risky borrower and this will help you secure the loan at lower interest rates. Collateral means an additional guarantee to your loan. However small business owners can afford to provide a guarantee of the loan in the form of assets and thus end up with higher business loans interest rate.

Current outstanding debts

Lenders often check if the borrower has any current outstanding debts to examine the financial liabilities. If you have multiple debts already lined up for clearance, chances are that you will get the loan with a higher interest rate. Multiple debts create hindrances in the cash flow of your business and impact your ability to repay a fresh loan. Your loan application might get rejected as well in the process. In such a situation you can opt for a debt consolidation loan. This refers to a single loan taken to close all the existing loans. This you can secure with a lower interest rate.

Wrap up

Apart from all these factors, some other relevant factors such as your business experience, your annual profit, and your relationship with the lender also decide the rate of interest on loans. So, a combination of factors influences the business loans interest rate. You should carefully analyze all these aspects beforehand if you are applying for a loan for business in pune. Above all, find a good lender who understands your loan requirements and your financial condition and will offer you a loan based on your situation. This will minimize your burden at the time of repayment.

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