Portrait Photography Techniques for Individuals and the Simpsons

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Portrait Photography Techniques for Individuals and the Simpsons

Portraits and candid photos of people are the two main categories. Both can be carried out with or without your subject’s knowledge and consent. No matter how near or far away your subject is, or where the camera’s gaze is focused, you must always keep the compositional elements in mind. And shooting techniques to aid in your message’s maximum effectiveness.

Using CycleGAN and PyTorch, you can ‘Simpsonize’ yourself

Cyclegan is a framework that can translate unpaired images into other images. It has been used in some really intriguing situations. such as changing images of horses into zebras (and vice versa) and changing winter images into summer images.

This struck me as potentially applicable to The simpsonize me. Sites like turnedyellow and makemeyellow inspired me. You are supposed to upload a photo of your face. Cyclegan would make that a Simpsons character.

It’s important to note that the paper states unequivocally that significant geometric changes frequently fail. This won’t probably work out well, then.


I needed close-up shots of Simpsons characters as well as close-up shots of regular people to create this dataset.

Obtain the Simpsons Dataset

My initial thought was to scrape images from Google Images. Unfortunately, it appears that you will need a developer key from Google Console to do so. This worked to some extent. But it took so long to download all of the images. And as I looked through the images, I noticed that some of them had no faces at all.

Fortunately, I found a dataset on Kaggle that contained all the information I required. It includes faces taken from various seasons of The Simpsons. Each 200×200 pixel image only contains one face.

In one of his recent videos, Will Kwan used stylegan2 to generate a dataset. It appeared to work reasonably well for him. So I reasoned that I could do the same. Here are some faces from Nvidia’s stylegan2 github repository. As you can see, the GAN output is fairly photorealistic.

The data will then need to be divided into training and testing. The real faces in testB will be used to create Simpsons characters. We want to make the Simpsons characters in testA into actual people.

By 2021, Make Me Yellow will still provide the “Simpsonize Me” service

Make Me Yellow is pleased to announce that they will continue to provide “Simpsonize Me” services in 2021. While Make Me Yellow is not affiliated with the wildly popular show The Simpsons, their team of artists can take a single photograph of a person and transform it into a Simpsonized cartoon character.

Customers begin by choosing a package, which is dependent on how many people they plan to Simpsonize. The Make Me Yellow team begins working as soon as the customer has completed their payment. Customers also have the option to select one of 61 backgrounds from a list (additional fees may apply), which includes locations such as the fair, the market, Burns’ office, the church, Springfield Park, Moe’s bar, and many others. 

Customers who select a package with a background automatically become Gold Members and receive lifetime benefits. Customers have plenty of time to get their simpsonize artwork in time for the Christmas holidays because the standard turnaround time is 5 to 7 days. Furthermore, Make Me Yellow provides unlimited revisions until the customer is completely satisfied. 

The final artwork is delivered in a high-quality JPEG file, and editable vector files are available upon request. Rush hour requests can be accommodated within 24-48 hours.

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