Pro Tips to Win Cash on Cool FM Cash Call!


Cool FM is running a cash call competition every weekday. This competition is part of the Downtown Radio Network. To win the cash prize, listeners have to call in on weekdays after 5pm to be in with a chance of winning. In this article, we’ll look at what you can do to be in with a chance of winning.

Competition Terms & Conditions

The Cool FM cash call is a radio competition that runs on the Downtown Radio Network. You can win cash from this competition by calling the number mentioned on the caller ID. The Cash Call is broadcast on weekday evenings after 5pm and is made by John Kearns. This competition is for Northern Ireland residents aged 18 years and over.

How to enter

To enter the Cool FM cash call, listeners must first go to the Cool FM website and input their name and email address. They must also provide the amount of money they would like to donate. After they submit their information, an automated email will confirm their participation. Cool FM will also contact the listener via email or phone to verify their information and process payment. Then, they can call Cool FM to claim their cash prize.

The Cool FM Cash Call is a daily competition that gives away cash prizes to listeners. Listeners can enter the competition to win cash prizes worth PS105,000 each day. It is possible to win the cash prize on any day of the week, and the cash call only takes minutes to enter.

You must be 18 years or older to participate. The competition has strict rules, which are outlined on the website. Any violation of these rules will disqualify the entrant and may result in ban from future promotions. It is your responsibility to know your local laws and be prepared for any misunderstandings.

The Cool FM Cash Call is the best way to get your hands on the latest music. The station is constantly updating its website with new releases. Listeners can also save money by using Amazon coupon codes.

How to win

If you’ve ever wanted to win PS100,000 on Cool FM and Downtown Radio, then this week’s contest could be for you. The station runs a Cash Call competition on weekdays after 5pm. Listeners can call in to win cash prizes by rhyming the words.

To participate in the contest, listen to Cool FM and enter the information requested on the website. You’ll need your email address, name and the amount of money you want to win. Once you submit your information, you’ll receive an automated email confirming your participation. Cool FM will contact you via email or phone to arrange payment.

The cash call giveaways have been taking place on Cool FM for over 10 years. The most recent one ended last Friday. The winner, Paddy Simpson, is a paramedic from Strabane. He answered an unknown caller, thinking it was work related. Paddy, who’s father is a paramedic, was excited, but shocked to hear that he’d won PS110,000!

Cool FM hosts cash call draws every day of the year. Prizes can be anything from a luxury break to a holiday. These cash call draws are an excellent way to win cash, and Cool FM’s festive tunes make it an enjoyable experience. They will announce the winners on their Cool FM Downtown Radio Network channel.

Cool FM Cash Call is a radio station that plays music

Cool FM is a radio station that broadcasts contemporary music nonstop via the internet and app. Real estate entrepreneur Harry Brook owns the station. It was founded in 2009. Currently, the station is available in the United Kingdom. Its broadcast frequency is 97.4 MHz and can be heard throughout the island on DAB.

During the festive season, listeners can enter the Cash Call draw to win a cash prize. The station also offers a variety of talk shows and news shows. This gives listeners a chance to win a trip to a luxurious resort or even a spa break! Cool FM is a perfect choice for listeners who are looking for a relaxing, festive environment.

Cool FM listeners must first visit the station’s website and provide their email addresses and name to participate. Next, they must enter the money they want to win. After this, they will receive an automated email to confirm their registration. They can also contact the radio station via phone or email if they have any questions.

Fans of this radio station can win up to $1000 per call! Cool FM also offers an app for iPhone, a daily blog, and various other ways to interact with the station. The station is available worldwide and has more than 2 million listeners. If you’re a fan of the station, you’ll be delighted to learn that it can be heard from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can participate in discussions with other listeners online.

Cool FM cash call offers prizes to listeners

Cool FM Cash Call offers listeners the chance to win money quickly and easily. The station gives away up to $1000 in prizes each day, and participants must answer a few questions correctly. Cool FM has multiple cash calls every day, so listeners can cash in several times each day.

Cool FM plays a wide variety of music, as well as news and talk shows. The station’s online presence keeps its listeners up to date with new music releases. It also offers discounts on and its other services, which can be helpful for listeners. Cool FM Cash Call is available every day of the year, and the prizes range from luxurious spa breaks to holiday destinations.

To be eligible for the contest, listeners must be legal residents of the licensed listening area of the participating radio station. During the contest, listeners are notified of a secret keyword. They then have 5 minutes to text that keyword to 77000 and wait for a call. The winning caller is randomly selected. If the entrant is chosen, their name and phone number will be announced on air.

Cool FM Cash Call has been one of the most popular radio stations in the United Kingdom, with more than 2 million listeners each week. Listeners can follow the station’s activities online, via a free iPhone application, and with blog articles. Listeners can also participate in discussions online.

The Cool FM Cash Call is a game that rewards listeners for their time and effort. The show features celebrity guests on its radio station and also includes a version in Australia, called Drop the Ball. The listener must answer a series of 10 popular culture-related questions in 60 seconds. If the correct answer is correct, listeners win prizes!

The Station may require participants to sign a release and waiver form before they can win a prize. The prize cannot be exchanged or transferred and must be claimed within 30 days of the contest’s end. Winners are responsible for any taxes related to the prize.

Cool FM cash call allows listeners to make money fast

If you listen to music on a regular basis, you may be surprised to find that you can earn money while doing it. Music is a great stress reliever, and it also helps us deal with our emotions. It also makes us feel happy. And with the Cool FM Cash Call, you can make money while listening to your favorite tunes.

You can earn money by listening to music and writing reviews for radio stations. The number of points you earn depends on the quality of the review and the genre of the music you listen to. The average payout is 0.10 cents per review. This method is easy and convenient, but you need to be careful of scams.

Concluding Remarks

Congratulations, you now know how to play the Cool FM cash call! Use this guide as a reference, or print it out and keep it with you when playing. Keep in mind that every game is different, so there may be variations to these rules that apply for your specific game. Make sure you always check with an employee before beginning a new round of play. That’s all there is to it! When was the last time you played?

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