The truth about backlinks – Infinite Rounds

Truth about backlinks

The truth about backlinks – Infinite Rounds

The truth about backlinks

There is no doubt that backlinks are one the most important SEO ranking factors as it gives link-juice to your site from other high authority websites. This is a green signal in Google’s eye to give you more authority score, organic traffic and value. But all links are not equally important, some may even drop your rankings and cause huge trouble. So, we have to figure out the truth about backlinks for SEO rankings. 

We will walk through the common practices that most of the businesses are doing and talk about good vs bad backlink building strategies.

Buying Backlinks

Buying backlinks is not white-hat SEO, rather it’s a grey-hat SEO technique. In this method business outreach to the vendor sites or hire freelancers to acquire backlinks by paying a certain amount for each backlink. 

Is Buying Backlinks a Good Strategy?

Buy backlinks

Well, The answer depends upon how you do it. As far as Google’s webmaster guidelines are concerned, there is a clear cut statement that “ Exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links” is a violation of Google’s guidelines. If it’s a bad strategy, why are businesses so eager to buy backlinks before their competitors? Why are they investing millions of dollars into acquiring backlinks?

Tricking The Google’s Algorithm 

Even buying and selling backlinks is prohibited but still website owners are doing it. Since Google’s algorithm is not human, it just crawls your website pages and links on it. Many business owners hire SEO gurus to manipulate the algorithm. They build backlinks in quite a natural way, the one that is niche relevant and comes as if the vendor site has referred to it naturally. After all, this is what google wants. But you have to be careful, algorithms are becoming smarter with the evolution in artificial intelligence (AI). In any case if google detects any malicious activity it can ruin your online existence.


  • Don’t buy backlinks that do not look natural.
  • Don’t hire inexperienced SEOs to acquire backlinks.
  • Don’t build backlinks that are not relevant to your niche.
  • Don’t buy backlinks in bulk, or avoid stuffing backlinks.
  • Don’t have comment backlinks, or involve any other such activity.


  • Acquire backlinks that are in the body of an article, which looks natural.
  • Acquire contextual backlinks as if the hyper text refers to a complete article published on your website.
  • Always hire well experienced SEOs.
  • Give value in your content so that a referring domain also gets authority. It will create a win-win situation for both.

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