Top 4 Tips For Good Sleep Hygiene

A typical cause of sleep disorders is destructive sleep patterns that last for years or even decades. Adjustments to one’s routine and outlook often lead to better sleep. The term “sleep hygiene” is used to describe the collection of practices and factors that can improve the quality of one’s sleep.

  1. Follow your body’s clock

Working with your body clock, rather than against it, is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. An internal ‘clock’ within the brain helps to regulate the body’s alternating sleep-wake cycle. Most internal processes are synchronised to this 24-hour physiological clock, including body temperature and the secretion of specific hormones like melatonin.

  1. Make your sleeping environment better

If your bedroom is restful and comfortable, you are more likely to get a good night’s sleep. If you are tired of having the same old bed pillow, you can now buy custom shaped pillows. These pillows are available from various companies. Some of these companies even offer pillow inserts for extra comfort. Custom shaped pillows are relatively inexpensive and are easy to order.

However, you must make sure you choose a reputable seller and follow the instructions carefully. If you want a pillow that fits you perfectly, you must be as precise as possible. If you are unsure of the process, do some research about custom made pillows before you order them. You should also try to contact a pillow company’s representative for assistance.

If you are concerned about allergy issues, you can buy a pillow with certified organic materials. These pillows are also claimed to be allergy-proof and carbon neutral. You can even choose a custom shaped pillow based on the size of your neck. These pillows are made according to the type of pressure your neck experiences while sleeping. The manufacturer will design the pillow to fit your neck and back properly.

  • Ensure that the room is at the proper temperature. For most people, this is between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Make sure that the room is properly dark. If you need to sleep during the day, an eye mask may be helpful.
  • If you can’t shut out the noise, invest in earplugs.
  • Your bedroom should only be used for sleeping. If you use your bed as a second living room, your mind will associate your bedroom with activity.
  • Choose custom shaped pillows that are both comfortable and provide the appropriate level of support.
  1. Drugs should be avoided

Some people turn to pharmaceuticals or ” social drugs ” in the misconception that sleeping pills or “social drugs” help them sleep better. For example, many smokers think that smoking relaxes them; however, nicotine is a drug. The adverse effects, such as a faster heart rate and higher blood pressure, will keep you awake for a more extended period.

  1. Relax your thoughts

Insomnia is a sleep condition marked by persistent problems getting asleep or staying asleep. It can be exacerbated by anxiety and concern, such as worrying about not getting enough sleep.

Bottom Line

Using custom shaped pillows will not result in better sleep right away. However, if good sleeping habits are maintained, sleep will undoubtedly improve.

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