Tufina vs Tissot: Professional Watch Review

When thinking about what watch to buy, people often get confused and start researching every watch brand there is and each collection of theirs to decide better. That was us a couple of days ago, and that’s when we decided to write a thorough review of two of the watch brands we got stuck in between. Below you will find a professional watch review of Tufina vs Tissot.

Their origin

Tufina watches are timepieces Made in Germany. They have been part of the German and World markets ever since the 1800s. They are a family-owned jewelry business with over eight generations of watchmaking.

Tissot watches, on the other hand, are Made in Switzerland. Their headquarters are in Switzerland and that’s where they are put together.

The way they look

The Tufina watches are mostly focused on keeping their traditional look, with a hint of contemporaneity. Their fine details and unique designs are what make them so special. Though they keep a minimalist look, they use half or full-skeleton looks which make them very eye-catching. They are also found in different colors such as blue, black, brown, and even gold. 

Au contraire, Tissot keeps the fully classic watches designs. This does not mean in any way that they are boring or not outstanding. As a change, they commonly probe with the shades and materials to give the classic watches a more enjoyable and amusing look.

Their movement

The Tissot watches are mainly focused on mechanical movement. While the Tufina watches are a mix of both. They give you the chance of choosing between mechanical, and automatic, which don’t need any batteries and keep track of time thanks to body motions.

The debate over which option is better is endless and it would take more than just an article, but we will tell you the obvious: Either you prefer the excitement of mechanical movements or the easiness and comfort that come with automatic movements, it’s all up to you.

Now, let’s get into more details.

First clash: Casual

Havana P7001-4 Black

One of the options Tufina offers you is Havana P7001-4 Black from the Pionier collection. Havana is an option that goes well with suits but also fits casual wear. It is a timepiece with in-house 35 rubies, and automatic movement- that doesn’t allow you to miss any minute of the day. It gives you the full calendar and what makes it even more attractive is its open back. The open back is an open-heart design that gives you the chance to take a peek at the bridge of the watch. Havana is a perfect mixture between timeless design and incarnated details.

Tissot Automatics III

Tissot Automatics III has no secrets to hide. It gives you the chance to look at the movement, thanks to its see-through case back. Tissot Automatics III is a timepiece used when you are trying to make a finesse statement. It is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch that has a water resistance of up to 3 ATM (30 m).

The Winner – Tie 

It is impossible to choose one. Havana P7001-4 Black is unique thanks to its minimalism, but it screams outstanding due to its open-hearted back and its functionality. The black strap can go with everything and anything, and there is no occasion you can find yourself out of place when wearing it.

Meanwhile, Tissot offers you the polar opposite of Tufina’s Havana timepiece. The silver coloring of Tissot Automatics III is gracefully used, but lusty enough to draw eyes to you. Though it is a casual watch, it might seem out of place in casual places such as a coffee shop or a library.

Second clash: Dress Up 

London Diamonds GM-510-7 Gold

The London Diamonds GM-510-7 Gold is a finely detailed timepiece which is generally focused on the first-rate dial design. Part of the Pionier collection, the London watch is striking and practical, keeping its fashionability at the same time. The timepiece has an automatic movement, making timekeeping easier, it includes a dial-in skeleton with a date and calendar. If you are in search of a mix between the classic look and a modern approach, then it is the right option for you.

Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80

The name Le Locle is predictably the reason for the success of this timepiece. Made in the Swiss Jura Mountains, this watch is part of the most unique models from Tissot, thanks to its fine and elegant details like the Roman numerals and the traditional Le Locle signature.

The Winner – Tufina

Though we find both watches seemingly interesting and beautiful, we will have to go with Tufina’s  London Diamonds GM-510-7 Gold this time. The dial is extremely different, uncommon, and rare which makes you fall in love with it at first sight. However, if you are more into classic looks, Tissot Le Locle is an equal masterpiece.

Third Clash: Sports

Buenos Aires GM-114-9 Black

A 44 mm watch with sapphire coated lens, a stainless steel band and case, a traditional mechanic movement with 18 jewels, and a water resistance of 3 ATM, the Buenos Aires GM-114-9 Black is a work of art. The uniqueness of this Made in Germany limited edition lies within its details. It is composed of three classical sub-dials, the sun and the moon phase, dual time and seconds. Its backhand, made of a fully see-through skeleton, shows you the complete mechanism of the watch and you’ll be amazed at just how good it looks and how mesmerizing it is. The front offers you the opportunity of choosing between Roman and Arabic numerals and adds to the looks of Buenos Aires GM-114-9 Black.

Tissot Heritage 1973 Black

As per its name, the Tissot Heritage 1973 flaunts Tissot’s history. Following contemporary standards, it is found in a limited edition of 1973 pieces. Its back shows the mechanism of the watch while its black calfskin strap is a duplication of the Tissot invented back in the 1960s. This watch is scratch-resistant thanks to its sapphire crystals with anti reflective coating. 

Winner – Tufina

While we do highly appreciate and love the Tissot Heritage 1973 Black and the tradition and heritage it keeps within, we will have to go with Buenos Aires GM-114-9 Black this time. As sports lovers, we love having a more classy and elegant while also comfortable watch and we think Buenos Aires has all that.

Final Thoughts

There is no exact answer to the ultimate question of Tufina vs. Tissot. It all depends on your persona, identity, your style, and taste. However, we do bet that among both you will find an option suitable for you.

The looks of both brands are different from each other and some might find themselves drawn to one, while others to the other.

What is unarguable is the fact that both brands offer you amazing timepieces to choose from, all at a very rational and economical price.

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