Why Should You Use The Pandora Car Alarm?

Why Should You Use The Pandora Car Alarm?

One of the most advanced car alarm manufacturers in the world is Pandora. They provide you with the latest technology in car alarms that protects your joy and pride with a range of security features that can be tailored to suit your individual preferences. No car, including the newest model, which was brought straight from the factory, isn’t likely to have the full range of protection that you need. Therefore, most car supplier prefers a Pandora alarm in their Car.

With this Pandora alarm, you are getting the best in reliability and security with the highest standard of installation and customer care with Car Specialists Custom, the famous Pandora platinum dealer. No matter whether it is an old car or a new one, you need to install a car alarm in it for better security.

What happens if we don’t use Pandora Alarm in the Car?

Car theft is on the rise due to OBD key cloning and keyless vehicle theft. Therefore you need to install a Pandora alarmin your Car to avoid these situations. Most vehicle thieves use the following methods to theft vehicles. Let’s take a look at these vehicle thefts below:

  • Port key cloning OBD: It is a diagnostic system or method used by the mechanics during repair work. OBD readers who are available in that dealership or repair shop can access it. And often placed underneath the steering wheel. Most of the thieves are now using these OBD readers as they are available in the market at lower prices. They use this OBD reader to clone a car key which would bypass any anti-theft devices you might have installed.
  • Relay Key Scanning: It is the most commonly used method by car thieves. Over 80% of cars were missing due to this Relay key scanning theft. They can easily hack Standard car alarms as it takes only a 40 to 60-bit rolling code. Therefore, Pandora alarm systems introduced military-grade AES-128 algorithm encryption to combat this threat. AES-128 automatically switches radio path encrypted signals for added protection against code grabbers and hackers.

Features of Pandora Car Alarms

Pandora uses the layer of security to keep you safe from the common forms of attack used by car thieves. Moreover, there are many other features of Pandora Alarms that make them stand out, unlike other products on the market.

  • Bluetooth Mobile App: You can control and set up the alarm using the Pandora app on your smartphone. The app of Pandora alarm is available on both android and iOS by the name of Pandora App. So you can easily unlock the doors, adjust the Bluetooth tag sensitivity for hands-free locking or adjust sensors used by the vehicle, including tilt, shock, and motion sensors. Moreover, you can also check your Car’s parameters, temperature, and fuel by using this Pandora App.
  • Remote Control Encryption: With key scanning and cloning on the rise, it is very important than ever to invest in a car security system. It protects against these threats.
  • Hands-Free Locking: The Pandora tag in your pocket will automatically lock your vehicle. And arm your security system without touching it. The tag will initialize automatically and unlock your Car’s door whenever you take it near your vehicle.

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